Welcome to Pacific Time,

Our goal is to source and serve the best west coast foods and beverages available from crafts people that focus on quality and integrity in what they produce. Our contribution is the fresh  artisan baked breads, because when it comes to complementing meats, cheeses, wines, beers, spreads, and other tasty accoutrements, nothing compares to hand shaped crusty breads. 

Why Pacific Time? Because we believe you don't need to ship, train, and transport foods & drinks from long distances to experience the gastronomic pleasures in life. Great foods & drinks from around the world are imported and certainly available to us. We regularly enjoy these and are inspired by the quality craftsmanship. Old world styles are back in style, but virtually thousands of artisans are creating similar enjoyments right here in our own time zone. So let's celebrate that!

Our mission is to bring to the local community foods and beverages crafted by folks that share a passion for quality ingredients, freshness and use of artisanal techniques. We've designed our menus to feature many of these items that you can buy in the store.  We're excited to share our new Bar Food & Drink Menu, all shareable and chuck-full of cheese, meats, pickled veggies, spreads, nuts, etc. Of course paired with baked breads tailored to escort the foods into you stomachs. 

What to expect when you visit:

  1. oven fresh breads shaped by Head Baker, Tyler Grodzicki, formerly of Seven Stars Bakery in Providence, RI.
  2. locally roasted coffee and tea from Cafe Virtuoso
  3. morning and lunch menu items featuring in-house breads and west coast cheeses, meats, spreads, veggies and more
  4. friendly people who are passionate about sharing the west coast goodness (freeway close, with parking)
  5. artisan cheese, cured meats and accouterments all made in our time zone, available to taste and take home
  6. wine and beer put in bottles, cans and kegs by fermentation specialists who care

By sourcing closer to home, we're tapping into the freshest products available and supporting local growers and makers, maybe some of them are you.

If you would like to receive periodic store opening updates, just send us your email in the Contact section. In the mean time, feel free to track our progress through the social media bugs below. 

See you soon at Pacific Time!

Dave & Donna Loretta